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At Second Wind Nutraceuticals, we heavily investigated the blueprint of what makes a hangover and consulted with the best available research in order to craft hang/OVER, a multivitamin and herbal supplement that helps manage and minimize hangovers.  We worked closely with a Pharmacist to strategically formulate a supplement that replenishes your body of lost vitamins, minerals and helps you wake up feeling great the next day.    

Suggested Use:

For best outcomes, take four capsules 45 minutes with food and water before drinking. Take five capsules 45 minutes with food and water before drinking if planning on drinking moderately.  You may also take four to five capsules after drinking but before bed for lesser results.  

Easy as that.     


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What Causes A Hangover?  

There are many factors to a hangover and unfortunately, there have not been any definitive answers to the exact causal nature of why hangovers occur.  However, studies have shown that a hangover is caused, in part, to:

1) Loss of vitamins and minerals from drinking.  

2) Formation of the highly poisonous acetaldehyde, acetate, and other toxins (like congeners, a chemical formed during the fermentation of alcohol and which positively correlates with hangover severity) through the consumption of  alcoholic beverages and breakdown of ethanol resulting in some of the following:

3) Dehydration causing negative mood changes.

4) Loss of quality sleep.  

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Second Wind Nutraceuticals set out to formulate a supplement that manages these factors. 
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It must be noted that the only surefire way to avoid a hangover is to drink in moderation or not to drink at all.  However, by rehydrating regularly, eating a healthy meal before drinking, and picking alcoholic beverages with fewer congeners (like Vodka, Gin, or some pale beers) may minimize some hangover symptoms.  
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However, if this is not enough for your needs, hang/OVER might be the right choice for you.  Although our supplement hang/OVER is not a magic bullet intended to solve all the above hangover factors, we have created a Multivitamin & Herbal supplement targeted at managing some of the mentioned causes.  We picked the most potent ingredients and weighed them against scientific studies and plausibility to help manage your hangover.  Click here for an in-depth look at our ingredients and the studies that support them.  


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