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v1.0 hang/OVER Customer Results

v1.0 hang/OVER Customer Results


 By Second Wind Nutraceuticals 

When creating hang/OVER, we wanted our product to ultimately be guided by the consumer and improved through feedback.  As such, we decided to report all consumer survey feedback (good and bad) when taking our product.   

It must be noted that this is by no means a controlled study.  Many forms of bias exist in the data set reported.  For instance, it could be the case that individuals who did not respond to the survey did not have a good experience, therefore, creating a kind of response bias skewing the results in a positive direction.  Additionally, the placebo effect cannot be understated in cases of small sample sizes.  Unfortunately, these worries cannot be minimized without a larger more randomized sample set (we are working hard to make sure that this happens as our sample product is released to the wider population).  

Furthermore, the respondents in the v1.0 formulation of our supplement were told to take our suggested usage of four pills one hour before drinking with food.  However, for obvious reasons, we were not able to make sure that the suggested usage was followed or the volume of alcohol consumed was controlled.  As such, though this first set of customer feedback shows a positive trend, our team still retains a healthy dose of skepticism and will continue to improve the formulation of our product before release.   

A total of 40 individuals were given the v1.0 formulation of the supplement hang/OVER.  30 of the 40 individuals responded and were split between 19 male and 11 female participants within the age range of 22-38 years.  This set was first asked to fill out a questionnaire rating their normal subjective hangover symptom experiences without hang/OVER (scale of 1-10 including decimal increments, 1 being good and 10 being terrible).  Then, the same set of 30 individuals was told to use hang/OVER and rate the same hangover symptoms using the same 1-10 scale. This set of individuals reported drinking a range of three to thirteen standard drinks.  Additionally, some respondents did not take the suggested amount and changed the delivery format by opening the capsule and mixing in a liquid drink or solid food.  Even given this, all reported decreases in hangover symptoms.  Posted are the following customer survey results (all scores are averaged): 

Symptoms No hang/OVER With hang/OVER Difference
Thirst 5.2 3.6 1.6
Headache 8.1 3.4 4.7
Tiredness 7.3 4.7 2.6
Dizziness 3.1 1.6 1.5
Upset Stomach 5.2 4.9 0.3
Nausea 5.1 1.5 3.6
Racing Heart 3.4 1.3 2.1
No Appetite 5.3 2.2 3.1
Anxiety/Mood 6.4 3.1 3.3
Overall Hangover 7.2 2.9 4.3
Total Mean Score 5.63 2.92 2.71

The results show a decrease in all the common symptoms.  Surprisingly, the overall hangover score decreased by 4.3.  Though this is good news, there is still room for improvement.  Specifically, the 'upset stomach' symptom only decreased by .3 with three respondents actually reporting an increase in upset stomach by an average of .2.

Given these results, we think that the inclusion of Choline and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) are the culprits for the 'upset stomach' score.  Although Choline and Alpha Lipoic Acid are powerful antioxidants, they can be harsh to the body.  Common side effects of Choline and ALA are upset stomach and headaches.  Another hypothesis could be that the inclusion of magnesium may have caused upset stomach symptoms if taken without food.  However, this seems unlikely as we have specifically chosen each of our nutrients in amounts that are well below toxic levels and in forms that are more easily digestible.   

As such, v1.1 of hang/OVER will remove the Choline and ALA ingredients and either increase the amount of hovenia dulcis or include ginger root for digestion related symptoms.  We will keep you all updated for the release of v1.1 hang/OVER.  

*A special thank you to the early adpoters of v1.0 hang/OVER.